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Unique among test-prep companies, Prestige Learning LLC uses fully-engaged learning to maximize our students’ scores.  With our instant-feedback and continual reporting, you can actually see your success in action in:

  1. the SAT, including college-oriented study skills that students can apply immediately to improve their high school grades

  2. the LSAT, courtesy of a practicing attorney and ex-Kaplan instructor who improved an average score to a perfect score

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Results & Testimonials: Our results speak for themselves (average SAT improvement: 223 points!), as do our students & their families:

  1. “Alex got an 800 critical reading, 780 math, and 800 writing [2380 overall, up from 1990, 690/620/680].  Thanks so much!  College choices suddenly start opening up!” - Janet O. (Alex’s mom - Alex is attending USC with scholarship))

  2. “Just got my scores back this week. 2350! [up from 2100] ... Gotta credit a lot of it to your course.” - Colin H.

  3. “I got a 2240 overall, 740/750/750 in Reading/Math/Writing [up from 1990, 740/750/750 in Reading/Math/Writing] ... I think SAT prep helped a lot!” - Chad M.

  4. “I got a 2230; 800 critical reading, 650 math, and 780 writing [up from 2040, 770/640/630].  I’m happy I improved; thanks for all the help you gave me!” - Malia S. (attending USC with scholarship)

  5. “I got a 2000 [up from 1740] ... thank you for teaching me some tricks that I definitely used.” - Brent N.

  6. “I am very impressed with your SAT review course ... [student scored 1960 on the actual SAT after starting at 1740] … Thank you for an excellent review course.” - Cappy F.

  7. “I just wanted to say thank you for your class.  It really helped me a lot on my SAT and improved my pre-class score of 1570 to my actual score of 1960.” - Jordan B.

  8. “Not only did I get an 1890 SAT after starting at 1580, I’m actually writing better in English class.” - Camille W.

  9. “I got an 1860, and I was aiming for an 1800 [up from 1560] ... I did better than I expected!” - Katie J.

Our courses feature key distinctions shared by none of our competitors:
Seamlessly Integrated Technology: our students use hand-held remotes (see photos, above) to answer questions, record quiz responses and remain fully engaged throughout each session. 
Constant Targeted Feedback: other courses limit progress reports to a few diagnostic exams; Prestige provides personalized performance reports after almost every class.  (pie-chart, top right).

College admission is more competitive than ever.  It’s even tougher for law school!  To get ahead in the application game, you’ll need a decisive advantage.  You can get that advantage from Prestige Learning.  Our SAT students average 210-point improvements between diagnostic exams using official SATs.

You’ll Earn Scores That Open Doors